New LGCO – Global Care Armidale have hit the streets with a bang!

Fantastic project, Congratulations Global Care Armidale

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Global Care Armidale Food Pantry

The pantry was opened on 14 Feb 2014, in the 11 weeks they have 170 members & up to 45 families come each week. The loan for $1,000 that they took to purchase their first load of food from Foodbank was repaid in 6 weeks!

GC Armidale order between 800-1000 kg of food from Foodbank & fresh fruit & vegies from local wholesalers & orchards. There are families waiting outside from 9.30am waiting for them to open at 10am to get the best choice!

There are 7 dedicated volunteers & 2 students from a local high school who volunteer as part of their studies. The program can easily run on the day with 3 volunteers.

They have had many opportunities to pray for people & have had people come to church for a special event.

The pantry meets all its own expenses like, electricity, admin…

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