So What Do you do as a Co-Ordinator of National Others Week?

So What Do you do as a Co-Ordinator of National Others Week?

Good question! is my reply.  My goal is to promote kindness in the community. To celebrate the acts of kindness that is already happening in the community and to advertise these acts, so that people know that there are kind people living around them.  There are people who live kindness in their daily lives.  These are the unsung heroes of society that can often be missed, the heroes of community that give that extra love and attention to detail in their everyday job, the volunteers that make services run in the community.

What if the community joined together and promoted kindness together, we would start a kindness movement world wide.  That is my goal.  We are educating people on ideas of how to be kind, working towards a week of planned and not so planned kindness to others in the first week of November, where we will be highlighting heroes, locally, nationally and internationally as our team expands across Australia, the UK, South America, Africa and the South Pacific.

What do I need to make this happen.  People.  Contact us at   Tell me about what you are doing and where you are from.  I will put your town on our kindness map and help you to promote your acts of kindness.


After-all life is a team sport!


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Co-Ordinator of National Others Week, Global Care, inc Registered Nurse: Pediatrics (cardiac and surgical) Music Director at Empower Church, Shire, inc Director of Global Care, Empower Church, Shire, inc Fellow of School of Social Entrepreneurs, Sydney 2010, Author of Circus Elephant, be free!

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