Guess which country does the most good

It was interesting to me that I found myself challenging the concept that was discussed how countries see themselves as individuals :


Are we starting to look at this issue on a more global viewpoint now.   What do you think?

The little things we do that make a big difference…

“Every little act of kindness has an incredible ripple effect – you will have no idea what the ultimate impact of just one little act of reaching out and touching someone in need might have.” Ps Peter Pilt

Global Care Blog

Great story shared by Yale Morgan from Global Care Bundaberg expressing how much the things we think are “little” have such a HUGE impact into peoples lives.

“My little guy had an overnight and unexpected (as most are) stay in the paediatric ward of the Bundaberg Hospital. I was at home with my other son and my husband was supporting my ill child in hospital. I had to work the following day so my husband also had to look after our well son in the ward during the day. We were completely unprepared for having both my husband and other son stay along side our unwell boy. My husband hadn’t eaten anything from the time they originally went to the doctors to the time he popped home for clothes about 11pm, a quick feed, then back. When I dropped off our little guy to join his father the next…

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The Biggest Ever

The Now team are pretty excited as our first media release is sent out nationally across Australia.



In just two years, National Others Week (NOW) has grown into an amazing event that has galvanized community groups, companies, churches and individuals across Australia to reach out and put others first for just one week of the year.

This year, NOW – because life is a team sport – will be held in the first week of November, and organizer Global Care is seeking help from potential sponsors and also encouraging people to start thinking of exciting and creative NOW activities.

Global Care National Director Peter Pilt said he expected this year’s NOW to be the biggest ever.

He said: “NOW has now become a real institution right across the country, touching that deep part of all Australians that values mateship and helping others, especially those who just seem to ‘fall through the cracks’.

“Australians have proven over the years that they are prepared to sacrifice to help others, as we have seen in wars, national disasters such as floods and bushfires, and – perhaps just as importantly – in the day to day business of just living life.

“Global Care’s motto is ‘Mates Helping Mates’, and NOW each year is a great opportunity for us to honour and acknowledge those who volunteer and serve the community, to give a helping hand to a friend in need, or just simply surprise someone with a random act of kindness.

“During NOW this year, I want to encourage all Australians to get involved – it will do as much for you as the person you help. Einstein said a life lived for others was truly a life worth living.

“We all get so caught up in the daily push and pull of life, and it is just too easy to forget about the things that really matter – being kind, being generous, just reaching out with an act of love and kindness.

“Every little act of kindness has an incredible ripple effect – you will have no idea what the ultimate impact of just one little act of reaching out and touching someone in need might have.

“For just one week we can all exchange greed and self for generosity and compassion – because at the end of the day, we are all in this adventure we call life together.

“Let’s all be a mate to someone, and get on board for this year’s third annual National Others Week.”

Global Care has drawn up a sponsorship program, and is looking for companies, organizations and individuals who will take up the challenge to make a meaningful contribution to NOW 2014.

National Others Week Coordinator Leeanne Hurren said she was seeking major sponsors to provide gifts of $10,000 and $5,000, and also gifts in kind.

She said: “We hope that we can attracts major sponsors, but of course gifts of any size are more than welcome in both cash and kind.

“Major sponsors will receive brand recognition across a wide range of publications such as posters and flyers, and also on websites, social media, blogs and mass media releases.

“Gifts in kind we are seeking include printing, media, web design, distribution and gift vouchers.

“Global Care – honoured publicly by a former Governor-General and four State Premiers – exists to reach out to others whether the need be large or small.

“Help us to help others – and be a mate helping a mate in the first week of November this year.”

For further information: Leeanne Hurren email

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The magic of kindness: Orly Wahba at TED2013

How can we support each other to be kind? Making the world a happier place through kindness.

TED Blog

Photo: James Duncan Davidson Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Orly Wahba is here to talk to us about the magic of kindness. As a middle-school teacher, she wanted to make a difference in the life of her students, so she designed “Act of Kindness” cards. These super-simple cards contained directions such as “open the door for someone” or “invite someone to have lunch with you,” along with an instruction to pass on the card once you were done. She wanted her kids to see the ripple effect of kindness.

One day, some construction workers were outside her house. It was hot out, so she brought them drinks — and kindness cards. One of them got a card with the instruction “call your mother and father and tell them how much you love them.” He hadn’t seen his parents in 10 years; he approached her, incredulous. He just needed the prompt.

Wahba shows us a film…

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To Russia With Love

In this day of receiving so many scam letters and marketing in your emails it is easy to become quite hardened and brutal when deleting the unnecessary junk from my morning emails.  This letter got my attention though.  


I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I enjoy collecting souvenirs from various corners of the wide world and this has turned into a hobby. I was hoping that you would be kind and send me a little something. I have received gifts from all over the world, including handles, badges, charms, coins, souvenirs with symbols of cities and countries. It makes me very happy. I would be very pleased if you would take the time to send me a small souvenir from a remarkable placeand. Excuse me if for some reason you get my letter again.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, I would be very grateful if you would be able to help me.

Kind regards

My address
Golovin Dmitriy
str. Uralskay 8/1-19

So here is an opportunity to be kind to a stranger.  Dmitriy is not asking for cash, but of souvenirs from unusual places from all over the world.  I am not sure what I will send to this person but I thought I would also give others the opportunity to be kind to a stranger.Image


This is a picture of a person from Russia… not necessarily the person who sent the message… I wonder. 


Our Global team is growing

Keep an eye out for our newest members of the Global team. Welcome to South America, Kibera Africa, As well as the Solomon Islands and PNG for the South Pacific Islands.

Keep an eye out for acts of kindness on our Pinterest Map, image

which includes acts of kindness across the globe.

Community Kindness: Thankyou to Auburn Salvation Army


Picking my daughter up from Bunnings Parramatta after work has become an opportunity to meet kind people in the community who are manning the bbq out the front with a goal to raise money for their community project.

Heres a Public thank you to a great team from the Auburn Salvation Army who are raising money for their community projects.

auburn salvation army