The little things we do that make a big difference…

“Every little act of kindness has an incredible ripple effect – you will have no idea what the ultimate impact of just one little act of reaching out and touching someone in need might have.” Ps Peter Pilt

Global Care Blog

Great story shared by Yale Morgan from Global Care Bundaberg expressing how much the things we think are “little” have such a HUGE impact into peoples lives.

“My little guy had an overnight and unexpected (as most are) stay in the paediatric ward of the Bundaberg Hospital. I was at home with my other son and my husband was supporting my ill child in hospital. I had to work the following day so my husband also had to look after our well son in the ward during the day. We were completely unprepared for having both my husband and other son stay along side our unwell boy. My husband hadn’t eaten anything from the time they originally went to the doctors to the time he popped home for clothes about 11pm, a quick feed, then back. When I dropped off our little guy to join his father the next…

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Co-Ordinator of National Others Week, Global Care, inc Registered Nurse: Pediatrics (cardiac and surgical) Music Director at Empower Church, Shire, inc Director of Global Care, Empower Church, Shire, inc Fellow of School of Social Entrepreneurs, Sydney 2010, Author of Circus Elephant, be free!

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