Bring kindness into your workplace


Spending time at Heartlands Church in Casino last Sunday morning and having the pleasure of sharing ideas with the crew from the local Global Care team was a delight. Last year the team for National Others Week held a BBQ in the local school to celebrate the children and to encourage them to be kind to others. Joan McKee shared some her successes at her workplace last year and felt inspired to encourage other people to bring kindness into their own workplaces.  Joan penned some thoughts to share with you:

I work at Summerland Christian College in Lismore, NSW and I thought I could do something! I spoke to the Principal and staff and they all said… “Go for it” So for that whole week, the College celebrated NOW! With the Primary students creating posters… With every one receiving a.. Certificate of Participation! High School students started each day with a card on which to write their goals for the day. Then on the Friday… Primary students brought in yummy goodies for a cake stall and the High Schoolers operated a BBQ, Sausage Sizzle. From this day we raised $1,290:80 and this money was sent to Global Care in Penrith to help the Bushfire Victims!! We even made it into our local paper… So looking forward to what we are going to do this year…. As the College has that week already marked off on the calendar for this year!!!


The wonderful highlight for me from this experience is that Joan has also multiplied out her efforts for this year, inviting other churches and businesses to become involved because at the end of the day, it was FUN.  People had a blast and felt great as they were doing something that is worthwhile. Everybody wins.

How will you bring kindness to your workplace? 


Unsung Hero: Air Coffee


air coffee

For the month of July, Air coffee at Castle Hill will be giving free coffee to these amazing volunteers: “we want to say thanks to all the awesome Salvation Army & Red Cross volunteers out there who give so much and expect nothing in return.” So if you live in Castle Hill area, pop down to Air Coffee and let them know that National Others Week sent you along.

Serving others in Thialand


Serving others in Thialand

We at NOW are appreciative to people in our community that serve others and we love to hear your stories. Naomi Shooter is currently working with a great team at the Havenproject. If people are interested in donating to any of the many projects with Haven, Naomi has started a fundraising project for families living on the rubbish dump at a border town in Thialand. Theres a link on the haven website for it too. There are 400 people living there with no sanitation or running water so the team has lots to do! If you would like to show your support Naomi, check out #Kindnesshero! #Opportunitytobekind