NOW: What is an Other?

From the first Sunday in November we celebrate kindness to others over a duration of a week. We encourage others to get involved to perform acts of random kindness or celebrate our local kind heroes and volunteers in the community.


NATIONAL OTHERS WEEK (NOW) is about looking beyond ourselves and bringing kindness to others, thus fulfilling Albert Einstein’s observation that ‘only a life lived for others is a life worth living’.   For seven days from the first Sunday in November, find a way to help someone, whether it’s a random act of kindness or a planned activity to show you care. Because…life is a team sport!

Global Care, the Social Justice arm of Christian Outreach Centre, is the initiator and organiser of National Others Week. Global Care’s motto is ‘Mates helping Mates’ and NOW was created as a vehicle to bring kindness, justice and service to others.


Some ideas on how to be a mate during National Others Week:

• Let someone in front of you at the supermarket • Send someone a homemade card • Listen more • Read a book to a child, more than once if requested • Buy someone flowers • Volunteer at a community garden • Help someone move house • Mow a neighbour’s lawn • Repair or paint someone’s house • Clean up graffiti • Give blood • Visit a nursing home and offer to give the ladies a manicure • Wash up the dishes at work • Buy a suspended coffee from a participating outlet for someone who needs it • Send a letter or care package to troops serving overseas at Christmas • Hand out free icy poles • Support a charity and change someone’s future • Cook a meal for someone • Write a thank you note to someone who serves the community • Wash someone’s car • Tell five of your Facebook friends what you like about them • Carry someone’s groceries • Complain less



There are so many great ideas on our blog and our different global Facebook pages. Really it all depends on you.

Show your interest to promote National Others Week by sending us an email to

Do you need resources such as posters, flyers to generate a team for local projects? You are able to send a request on our Facebook group page

Already participating in acts of Kindness?  Let us put your acts of kindness on the pinterest map by sending us your picture and acts of kindness to promote to the email above.


Contact: Coordinator Leeanne Hurren at



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