Contact Us: Life is a Team Sport

Contact Details:  

Coordinator:  Leeanne Hurren  Ph: 0429435960          Office: c/- 49 Grand Ave, Westmead 2145

Global Care Head Office:          Ph:(02) 4448 0601   Address:  167 McMahons Road, Nowra, 2541

Corporate Sponsors and Partnerships

Life is a team sport, and Global Care want to be ready to act upon the recognition of a need.  To do this we need to have a team of Corporate sponsors and Partners in the community that are ready to respond.  This team consists of people and organisations that are committed to giving resources and time to see kindness acted out in the community.

Australia:  You can donate directly into the Global care community fund:

Or contact us at email:

Find out more about Global Care’s Acts of Kindness at:

We will be happy to connect you with people who are bing kind in your area, or assist you in creating your own team.

Life is a team Sport

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