The magic of kindness: Orly Wahba at TED2013

How can we support each other to be kind? Making the world a happier place through kindness.

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Photo: James Duncan Davidson Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Orly Wahba is here to talk to us about the magic of kindness. As a middle-school teacher, she wanted to make a difference in the life of her students, so she designed “Act of Kindness” cards. These super-simple cards contained directions such as “open the door for someone” or “invite someone to have lunch with you,” along with an instruction to pass on the card once you were done. She wanted her kids to see the ripple effect of kindness.

One day, some construction workers were outside her house. It was hot out, so she brought them drinks — and kindness cards. One of them got a card with the instruction “call your mother and father and tell them how much you love them.” He hadn’t seen his parents in 10 years; he approached her, incredulous. He just needed the prompt.

Wahba shows us a film…

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To Russia With Love

In this day of receiving so many scam letters and marketing in your emails it is easy to become quite hardened and brutal when deleting the unnecessary junk from my morning emails.  This letter got my attention though.  


I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I enjoy collecting souvenirs from various corners of the wide world and this has turned into a hobby. I was hoping that you would be kind and send me a little something. I have received gifts from all over the world, including handles, badges, charms, coins, souvenirs with symbols of cities and countries. It makes me very happy. I would be very pleased if you would take the time to send me a small souvenir from a remarkable placeand. Excuse me if for some reason you get my letter again.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, I would be very grateful if you would be able to help me.

Kind regards

My address
Golovin Dmitriy
str. Uralskay 8/1-19

So here is an opportunity to be kind to a stranger.  Dmitriy is not asking for cash, but of souvenirs from unusual places from all over the world.  I am not sure what I will send to this person but I thought I would also give others the opportunity to be kind to a stranger.Image


This is a picture of a person from Russia… not necessarily the person who sent the message… I wonder. 



An opportunity to be kind and have a lot of fun in the process. Organise a group of friends and hit the Kokoda Trek. #NOW Ideas to be kind!

Global Care Blog


A group of intrepid trekkers will walk the iconic Kokoda Trail between August 29 and September 6 this year to raise funds for drought-stricken Australian farmers.

Organized by Rainforest Tours Australia’s Kaylene Whitley, the walkers hope to raise funds for Global Care Disaster Relief to provide desperately needed hay for struggling farmers.

The historic relief project is being coordinated by Global Care’s Mackay’s Brett Gibson, who is also a pastor in Mackay’s City Impact Church.

Brett said: “Global Care Mackay has been helping the poor and needy in several overseas countries such as Africa and Vanuatu for many years, but we felt it was time to do something for one of the most needy groups in our own country – the farmers.

“I heard a story on local radio about a drought-stricken farmer who had arranged to send 400 head of cattle to market, but was refused transport because the…

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Six Spicy Spoons : Sheila Rebera

National Others Week wish to express our warm regards to Sheila as she recovers from hand surgery. We look forward to see you up and about soon Sheila. Kind Regards. Leeanne and the team.

National Others Week


When you order Sri Lankan food from this lady, you should be given a warning.  Highly Addictive!  One is simply not enough.

Sheila is based in Blacktown, NSW and has joined our network of Sponsors and Partners.

Available for catering tasty Sri Lankan menu, and party plan bookings welcome.  Sheila has offered to Donate a portion of her sales to National Others Week to assist in providing acts of Kindness to the community.

Sheila’s Contact details: Six Spicy Spoons @ Facebook 

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DO NO HARM–Sunday Sermon Notes for May 25th 2014

Check out Peter’s tips for what to do when providing comfort to those who are going through a tough time… well worth the read!


These are my raw sermon notes for my Sermon Sunday Morning 25th May 2014 at Nowra City Church. I post them here principally so the congregation have access to my notes while I am preaching them, but whether you are from Nowra City Church or not – I hope they bless you.

Primum non nocere – Latin

The title of my sermon is Do no Harm

Talk about Romans – We started it at the beginning of June Last year.

Praying through our next series – Possibly the Book of Matthew.

Talk about my study of Job and the paper I am writing at the moment on how we are to respond as Christians to the Terminally ill. – My thoughts about this contributed to the direction of my sermon here today.

Summary of the book of Romans

“This Epistle is really the chief part of the New Testament and…

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Kindness ripple!


Kindness ripple!

Was talking to our Chief Photographer at NOW this morning and he shared about a series of events that started with an opportunity to be kind to an unknown customer of a friend, by offering to cut the legs off a chair for a project. He continued to reveal the sequence of events that led to him selling an artwork that he was working on…

In reflection of this story, how often do I hear of someone being kind, who then in return, through a sequence of events that person becomes the person who is actually blessed beyond what they could possibly thought of for themselves. Now Im not saying “go and be kind so you will get back in return” not at all, but I am sure that I am not the only one who sees the bigger picture.

What a joy to be caught up in a sequence of events that involves kindness to others. How can you start the ripple effect today?

Photo was clipped from an advertisement from Toowoomba on Facebook.. I have included the add in the post if you would like to check out their artwork. I love the opportunity to promote recycled goods. Congrats ‘Toowoomba: Lets keep it local.’

Lets not restrict kindness to our local area though.actually, let’s shout about kindness across the world!!!!!!

New LGCO – Global Care Armidale have hit the streets with a bang!

Fantastic project, Congratulations Global Care Armidale

Global Care Blog

Global Care Armidale Food Pantry

The pantry was opened on 14 Feb 2014, in the 11 weeks they have 170 members & up to 45 families come each week. The loan for $1,000 that they took to purchase their first load of food from Foodbank was repaid in 6 weeks!

GC Armidale order between 800-1000 kg of food from Foodbank & fresh fruit & vegies from local wholesalers & orchards. There are families waiting outside from 9.30am waiting for them to open at 10am to get the best choice!

There are 7 dedicated volunteers & 2 students from a local high school who volunteer as part of their studies. The program can easily run on the day with 3 volunteers.

They have had many opportunities to pray for people & have had people come to church for a special event.

The pantry meets all its own expenses like, electricity, admin…

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So What Do you do as a Co-Ordinator of National Others Week?

Good question! is my reply.  My goal is to promote kindness in the community. To celebrate the acts of kindness that is already happening in the community and to advertise these acts, so that people know that there are kind people living around them.  There are people who live kindness in their daily lives.  These are the unsung heroes of society that can often be missed, the heroes of community that give that extra love and attention to detail in their everyday job, the volunteers that make services run in the community.

What if the community joined together and promoted kindness together, we would start a kindness movement world wide.  That is my goal.  We are educating people on ideas of how to be kind, working towards a week of planned and not so planned kindness to others in the first week of November, where we will be highlighting heroes, locally, nationally and internationally as our team expands across Australia, the UK, South America, Africa and the South Pacific.

What do I need to make this happen.  People.  Contact us at   Tell me about what you are doing and where you are from.  I will put your town on our kindness map and help you to promote your acts of kindness.


After-all life is a team sport!