Sponsors and Partners

Life is a team sport and we need you!  National Others Week was created by Global Care to increase awareness of the kindness occurring in the community.  Global care needs partners and Sponsors to enable them to continue this kindness and enable them to act upon the recognition of a need.

We would like to thank our Current Sponsors from the previous years and we will seek to highlight their efforts of kindness here. Check out the Sponsors and Partners Category for a more detailed information post on how you can contact them.  Welcome to our new Sponsors.

It is great being a part of the Kindness movement that is happening across the world and we would like to thank you for doing your share to be Kind to Others.because


Lions Club Parramatta:  

Provide mentoring and assistance with project in the area of sponsorship.  Connecting NOW team with great kind community leaders.  2014.


Charity Buy has teamed up with National Other Week to assist in raising donations for National Others Week through online shopping. http://www.charitybuy.com.au/national-others-week


When you purchase a gift online your purchase also enables NOW to raise money for Kindness packs for others. Just remember to highlight National Others Week before you start your shopping at Charity Buy.




Mitchell Curley:   A young Musician, living in Sydney can be contacted through his Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/MitchellCurly947021_10151692277146584_58814565_n

Delicious Cuisine: 

Sheila Rebera: Six Spicy Spoons

For an authentic Sri Lankan cuisine contact Sheila at her Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/www.sixspicyspoons.com.auSheila

Our goal is to celebrate our partners and sponsors for the kindness that they show others.  Would you like to be a part of the NOW team?

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