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Own Your Essential Life

Kindness?  What does kindness have to do with wellness? Lots more than we know!

It’s often been said that it’s better to give than to receive, but did you know that this Bible truth is actually backed by research? While many of us feel too stressed and busy to worry about helping others tell ourselves that we’ll be more involved with “good deeds” when we have more spar’ time, energy and money, altruism is its own reward, and can actually help you relieve stress. Altruistic acts  improve your quality of life in several ways, and are absolutely worth the effort.


Here are some ways that helping others helps you:

Altruism and Psychological Wellbeing: Studies show that altruism is good for your emotional well-being, and can measurably enhance your peace of mind. For example, one study found that dialysis patients, transplant patients and family members who became support volunteers for other patients experienced…

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